Dear Friends,

We are thrilled that Adisia, our Ethiopian craft project in Afula, is featured in the fall issue of PresenTense Magazine. Editor Ariel Beery and photo journalist Yonit Schiller collaborated to bring us an inspiring photo essay, “The Art of Rebirth; Adisia crafts Hope…”

Adisia supports 20 Ethiopian craftswomen in the Northern Israeli town of Afula. Adisia produces an array of uniquely bright and colorful handmade mezuzot. These expressions in embroidery, glass, metal and wood reflect historical and cultural themes from the Diaspora. The first mezuzahs commissioned for Temple Beth Israel’s new green synagogue in Eugene, Oregon have been completed. How exciting that Adisia has become a double Tikun Olam project for both communities: the Ethiopians and the Oregonians. Lots of “gateway to gateways” metaphors here!

The website is available for placing limited edition as well as individual orders for communities, institutions and families in North America and worldwide. The first edition called the “World Diaspora Series” currently features 16 handcrafted mezuzot. Exploring this website will give you a more intimate look at the remarkable women of Adisia and their beautiful mezuzot.

Investing in Adisia brings beauty to your life and sustains this talented artisan group of Ethiopian mothers and their children.

Thank you and we hope you’ll visit us often!

Sharon Ungerleider
Project Coordinator


The Adisia community of Afula Israel. Photograph by Yonit Schiller.

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